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Yuliya Roma is Ukrainian jazz singer, composer, author of the songs and pedagogue.

The voice of the singer is individual. She is easily recognizable among those who is interested in Ukrainian jazz. Yuliya Roma has been a soloist of the Night Groove band since 1999. The band is considered nowadays to be one of the most interesting and distinctive jazz bands in Ukraine. She is a laureate of International Jazz Contest Do#Dj2002, the participant of international jazz festivals in Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia.

Behind Yuliya Roma's back are solo concert performing at Kyiv jazz stages, performing throughout Ukraine, Cyprus, Malta, cooperation with the best musicians of the country.

Since 2004 Yuliya Roma is a teacher of a jazz vocal educational complex NMAU (National Musical Academy of Ukraine - translator's note) named after P.I. Chaikovskiy - KSHMC (Kyiv State Highest Musical College - translator's note) named after R.M. Gliyer.

In March, 2006, the singer releases her first solo album named Heartbeats consisting of author's compositions in English, which was highly evaluated in music environment. The CD was recorded by members of the Night Groove band, each being a creative person and pleading his own solo career and having their own solo albums. Among them are the following: Nataliya Lebedeva - piano, Igor Zakus - bass guitar, Aleksey Fantayev - drums, Artem Mendelenko - saxophone, Aleksandr Pavlov - guitar.