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   Heartbeats - solo album, 2006.
   1. On The wings of songs
   2. People (Download mp3)
   3. Another time
   4. Turn away
   5. Roads and loaads (Download mp3)
   6. The taste of love
   7. I will be there (Download mp3)
   8. Smell of the past
   9. Heartbeats (Download mp3)
   10. Every little step
All songs written by Yuliya Roma, exept Another time - music written by N.Lebedeva

You can buy this album at internet-shop:


   Only Girls are in Jazz vol.3, 2006 - collection; #11 - People (Yu.Roma).

   Only Girls are in Jazz vol.2, 2005 - collection;
   14 - Triste (A.C.Jobim) (Download mp3 (Live))
   Duo: ausha dnet - Yuliya Roma.

   Only Girls are in Jazz vol.1, 2004 - collection; #1 - No More Blues (A.C.Jobim)

   Atlant- 1st, 2004 - collection; No More Blues (A.C.Jobim)

   Yednist', 2002 - collection, disc1st;
   8 - My Favourite Things (R.Rodgers). (Download mp3 (Live))
   9 - How insensitive (..Jobim)

   Jazz ballads, live recordings from Kiev, 2000 - collection; #8 - "If I Should Loose You" (L.Robin-R.Reinger)


   I meen you (Th. Monk) (Download mp3)

   You go to my Head (J. Fred Coots) (Download mp3)

   E (Luis Gongzaga) (Download mp3)