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Yuliya Roma is Ukrainian jazz singer, composer, author of songs, pedagogue. She has a bright individual style. Her voice has no analogues on Ukrainian jazz scene. The creative personality of Yu.Roma is not defined by one direction. Author's music, Brazilian songs, mainstream get always her own stylish sounding. Yuliya Roma has particularly correct feeling in Brazilian music that always enraptures and convinces the connoisseurs of this trend. In 2005 Yu. Roma recorded her first album called Heartbeats, which got the highest estimation in music ambience. Album of ten songs of Yu.Roma allows call this record the first vocal author's album in jazz music on the territory of Ukraine.

Yuliya Roma was born in a small Ukrainian town. Already since five-year age Yuliya used to emerge on the town scene, school stage and used to win in regional contests. Yuliya finished music school on piano class in her home town. Having graduated school Yuliya use to go to the capital and entered in Kiev Music College in 1994, where she began to get acquainted with jazz. The debut of Yuliya Roma on jazz stage took place in 1997 on the international jazz festival in Donets'k. The group Night Groove was established in 2000, which Yuliya emerges with as a soloist. In the beginning it was for clubs performances but gradually Night Groove appears with different programs on the main jazz stages of the country. Now geography of the concert appearances of Night Groove covers practically all jazz platforms of the country, including capital jazz club scenes. In 2002 Yuliya Roma became the Laureate of DoDj2002 International Jazz Contest and also was rewarded by a Diploma in Jazz Aesthetics nomination . Since 2004 singer does her first steps as composer and author song lyrics after that author songs were included into concert appearances in the same way as Brazilian music and jazz standards.

As from 2000 Yuliya Roma has been working with leading musicians of the country. The Remembering appearances with Brazilian singer Mausha Adnet, American bass player Mathyu Harrison, Finnish pianist Mika Pohyola, Polish trumpeter Piotr Wojtasik,Russian pianist and vocalist Sergey Manukyan. The Perennial cooperation with American and Ukrainian bass Andrey Arnautov, joint projects with German saxophone player Gyots Gryunberg. One of the best jazz musicians of Ukraine play in group N'Groove : Nataliya Lebedeva - grand piano, Aleksey Fantaev - drums, Igor Zakus - bass, Artyom Mendelenko - saxophone, Alexandr Pavlov - guitar.

Yuliya Roma has emerged practically on all international jazz festivals in the Ukraine. Also she participated in the Russian festivals, emerged in Latvia, on Malta, Cyprus. In 2005 Yuliya Roma graduated Kiev Jazz Conservatory on jazz vocal class. The teaching activity of Yu.Roma began in 1999. The pupils became winners of the contests and entered music colleges. From 2004 Yuliya Roma has been a teacher of jazz vocal at Kiev Jazz Conservatory. The record of the first Heartbeats solo album becomes the main event of 2006 in creative life of Yu.Roma. All musicians of Night Groove took part pre-recorded: N.Lebedeva, A.Mendelenko, A.Pavlov, I.Zakus, A.Fantaev. Record was made at November 2005, at studio Lemma, Kiev.

Now singer's working over her second album, which has to consist of author's Ukrainian songs.